Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nevertheless... El Papiolet

Video artist Desiree Haupts shot the egg performance, for now titled 'Nevertheless', for video in El Papiolet, a small village in Barcelona wine country.  The editing is underway, so I bring you these preview photos taken by Manuela Bernasconi.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fashion by the Sea

A fabulous multi-hued stroll in Sitges seaside resort town.

On top:  multi-layered striped cotton shirts tagged by screen-print with PF logosweater wrap with embroidered tag. All from Palmer Fishman Fashion Revolution

Brand-new photo-with-embedded-logo!

On bottom: cashmere sweater-skirt with embroidered PF logo in violet and turquoise, with pink Indian sari-fabric wrap.  
Piece converts to sweater or cocktail dress for on-the-go glamour.  

      Only in Barcelona would one find boots in a Palmer Fishman array of hues.
Now, how could I get the PF logo on them...?

Palmer Fishman Convertible Accessories...


 Palmer Fishman's Fear(less)(ful) Photographer...

It's not as though anyone was looking at us strangely this sunny Sunday afternoon, unless with was with envy!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

PF Fashion Revolution in progress at Can Serrat

an ethereally practical wrap, formerly used in highway construction.  Stretch denim button-down skirt from Karine.
Some photos of the last few days in the Palmer Fishman Fashion Revolution, underway at Can Serrat.   All pieces are made from articles gifted, found or purchased at the Les Encants flea market in Barcelona.
channeling Frida with lung-wings.  Denim stretch shirt-skirt.

flared pants from Carla

PF with op-art
Palmer Fishman PJs - the height of cozy comfort
Sideways logo wraps around the side of Carla's shirt.  Necklace assembled
from finds at Les Encants market in Barcelona.  Perfect for portable flowers.
Op-art fabric from Les Encants.  Printing of PF logo in progress.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

real world wisdom, from Palmer Fishman to you

Palmer Fishman, known worldwide for her boutique cathartic performances, her designs, and her fashion revolution, is branching out.

"I've always been a keen observer of human behavior and culture," she said breezily one afternoon at the YMCA cafe, "and several editors approached me about writing op-ed columns for their publications."

She eventually agreed to placate them, but with an exclusive feed to her own blog.  You can say you read it here first.

On airline travel
      Airline passengers have a stubborn inability to accept the limited volume of the overhead bin, or of their proportional share thereof. 

¨No, no I´m SURE it will fit,¨ the slight man says, desperately shoving and heaving a bag the size of a baby elephant into a space meant for a daypack.  

And the flight attendants are often so damn polite about it.
      ¨Let´s see, I´m sure we´ll find a place for that...¨  
    as the bag goes bumping down the aisle, nearly taking out a small child and an elderly woman's elbow.

Why don´t they just cut to the chase?

 ¨Look, dummy, it won´t fit. Now, you either let me check it or you both go out on the tarmac."

"Hey, you want to get a drink when we get out of here?"

Check your baby elephants or leave them at home.

This wisdom brought to you by Palmer Fishman.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

the Palmer Fishman Fashion Revolution has begun!

Last night Palmer Fishman Industries launched its new label, Palmer Fishman Fashion Revolution, at the Can Serrat artist colony outside of Barcelona.
 Fashion Revolution features the elegant, timeless Palmer Fishman logo tagged on carefully selected and reinvented found fashion pieces.

 It was a VIP gala, replete with Norwegian supermodels, Catalan child-artists, a Swiss-Spanish-German diva, and many cats.

Palmer Fishman, wearing teacup necklace, with stone model
looking positively revolutionary

Arts writer Clara Mae Bennett took advantage of the opportunity to have a word with the fashion-design mogul herself.

Clara Mae Bennett:  First of all, congratulations on a spectacular launch.

Palmer Fishman:  Why thank you.

CMB:  What's the story of the name, Palmer Fishman?

PF:  Well, Ann Palmer and Beatrice Fishman gave up their names and a lot of their individual dreams when they married my grandfathers.  Ann Hirst and Beatrice Seltzer were dedicated, strong, creative women, and my name honors the sacrifices they made.  Also how they inspired me and my work.

CMB:  Fascinating insights.  So you say you're not a fashion designer.  I think your fans might say otherwise.

totally rocks the look

PF:  (laughter).  I'm not a fashion designer.  I wouldn't make it past the first episode of Project Runway!  I can't sew very well.  I would say I am more of a traditional graffiti artist, a tagger.

CMB:  Oh?  Please elaborate.

how's THAT for a big pony?

PF:  Taggers throw up their nom de plume, or tag, in as many interesting and difficult places as possible. I do the same thing, but instead of tagging walls or bridges I tag clothing, accessories, and furniture. 

CMB:  So you don't make the clothing and objects yourself?

PF:  They are usually, but not always, found pieces that I reinvent.  My team and I may add, subtract, divide, multiply or transpose to a novel use or setting.  I am interested in finding beauty in odd places, and in the power of a good logo to add aesthetic curatorial value.

CMB:   What is your aim for Palmer Fishman Fashion Revolution?

PF:  Global domination. (laughter).  No, really. (laughter stops).  

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I just found myself...

... on the Kennedy Center website.  The Millennium Stage keeps amazing archives of all its shows!  I curated and performed in this one as part of the Hip Hop Theater Festival in 2005.

Check it!
"Snooze" solo on Kennedy Center website

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Couldn't be better

Metafora, Barcelona, Body and Limits

Calle Papin in front of Metafora, before.

Metafora, Barcelona Calle Papin, after

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Toilets of Catalunya

toilet from Barcelona apartment rental wesbsite

ditto above

Two foreigners from the Americas arrive in Barcelona and start to look at online apartment listings.  

They notice a relatively strong emphasis on photos of bathrooms and, more specifically, toilets.  If there were only two photos of the apartment, one of them would be of the bathroom.

They eventually moved into a very nice new house. 

 The first night they noticed that the toilets 
                 wobbled.  They were not securely attached to the floor.  

When they mentioned the wobble to the landlord, he explained that they were loose for the same reason he had not installed light fixtures: 
the eventual buyers of the house would of course want to put in their own choice of toilets. 

 The two foreigners noticed the landlord had extra-round, high-design toilets in his house. 

Their new Catalan friends explained that por supuesto bathrooms were extremely important as a site for contemplation and relaxation.  People would reject or desire a house based on its bathrooms.

gotta love the bidets

I downloaded many bathroom photos from various real estate websites and printed twenty-four, one for each hour of the day. 

 I framed and exhibited them as part of the Des de Fora exhibition.

yes, this is an advertisement for this bathroom

orange tile is known to increase the effects of caffeine ten-fold


THROW!  a video.
Duration:  4:15
Contents:  clips from my recent video archives all including the act of moving something with force - 
throwing, swallowing, dumping
pills, rocks, paint, my body, stockings filled with sand, water, papayas

view at:  THROW!


  Lost in time and space, aware that you are lost, but unable to find anchors to hold onto.  

In February 2010 I visited my family in San Diego.  My grandmother had just been moved out there from New Jersey, from the house where she had spent over 60 years.

Where am I?
What am I doing here?
And what happened to my teeth.  Do you know?

A video consisting solely of the moments in a visit when she repeats these questions.  

available on YouTube at  Stuck