Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fashion by the Sea

A fabulous multi-hued stroll in Sitges seaside resort town.

On top:  multi-layered striped cotton shirts tagged by screen-print with PF logosweater wrap with embroidered tag. All from Palmer Fishman Fashion Revolution

Brand-new photo-with-embedded-logo!

On bottom: cashmere sweater-skirt with embroidered PF logo in violet and turquoise, with pink Indian sari-fabric wrap.  
Piece converts to sweater or cocktail dress for on-the-go glamour.  

      Only in Barcelona would one find boots in a Palmer Fishman array of hues.
Now, how could I get the PF logo on them...?

Palmer Fishman Convertible Accessories...


 Palmer Fishman's Fear(less)(ful) Photographer...

It's not as though anyone was looking at us strangely this sunny Sunday afternoon, unless with was with envy!

1 comment:

Hillary63 said...

LOVE this. Of course orange is my favorite color!! And the boots, the BOOTS!!!!
Jessica your soul is singing through your art and fashion, so bright and hopeful and quirky (the good kind of quirky) it makes mine sing too.
What a beautiful day. It looks like you had fun and judgers be damned!!! It's also performance and social change - being outside so full of life (even if grey and dreary tries to seep in) sends a message of hope to others don't you know or at least a respite from their dragons. Be well!!!