Saturday, October 30, 2010

the Palmer Fishman Fashion Revolution has begun!

Last night Palmer Fishman Industries launched its new label, Palmer Fishman Fashion Revolution, at the Can Serrat artist colony outside of Barcelona.
 Fashion Revolution features the elegant, timeless Palmer Fishman logo tagged on carefully selected and reinvented found fashion pieces.

 It was a VIP gala, replete with Norwegian supermodels, Catalan child-artists, a Swiss-Spanish-German diva, and many cats.

Palmer Fishman, wearing teacup necklace, with stone model
looking positively revolutionary

Arts writer Clara Mae Bennett took advantage of the opportunity to have a word with the fashion-design mogul herself.

Clara Mae Bennett:  First of all, congratulations on a spectacular launch.

Palmer Fishman:  Why thank you.

CMB:  What's the story of the name, Palmer Fishman?

PF:  Well, Ann Palmer and Beatrice Fishman gave up their names and a lot of their individual dreams when they married my grandfathers.  Ann Hirst and Beatrice Seltzer were dedicated, strong, creative women, and my name honors the sacrifices they made.  Also how they inspired me and my work.

CMB:  Fascinating insights.  So you say you're not a fashion designer.  I think your fans might say otherwise.

totally rocks the look

PF:  (laughter).  I'm not a fashion designer.  I wouldn't make it past the first episode of Project Runway!  I can't sew very well.  I would say I am more of a traditional graffiti artist, a tagger.

CMB:  Oh?  Please elaborate.

how's THAT for a big pony?

PF:  Taggers throw up their nom de plume, or tag, in as many interesting and difficult places as possible. I do the same thing, but instead of tagging walls or bridges I tag clothing, accessories, and furniture. 

CMB:  So you don't make the clothing and objects yourself?

PF:  They are usually, but not always, found pieces that I reinvent.  My team and I may add, subtract, divide, multiply or transpose to a novel use or setting.  I am interested in finding beauty in odd places, and in the power of a good logo to add aesthetic curatorial value.

CMB:   What is your aim for Palmer Fishman Fashion Revolution?

PF:  Global domination. (laughter).  No, really. (laughter stops).  


Raúl Valdivia said...

hmmm I'd say go for the global domination. Greetings from Honduras.

KP said...

Wish I were there! It looks totally high-class. What's your price point? I assume starting no lower than $500 for the scarf.... (You rock!) love, tu cunada.

Jeremy said...

Wow! Any outlets in the San Diego area?

Jessica Hirst / Palmer Fishman said...

Yes, the first will be opening on San Joaquin Drive. Would that be convenient for you?