Thursday, November 4, 2010

PF Fashion Revolution in progress at Can Serrat

an ethereally practical wrap, formerly used in highway construction.  Stretch denim button-down skirt from Karine.
Some photos of the last few days in the Palmer Fishman Fashion Revolution, underway at Can Serrat.   All pieces are made from articles gifted, found or purchased at the Les Encants flea market in Barcelona.
channeling Frida with lung-wings.  Denim stretch shirt-skirt.

flared pants from Carla

PF with op-art
Palmer Fishman PJs - the height of cozy comfort
Sideways logo wraps around the side of Carla's shirt.  Necklace assembled
from finds at Les Encants market in Barcelona.  Perfect for portable flowers.
Op-art fabric from Les Encants.  Printing of PF logo in progress.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

real world wisdom, from Palmer Fishman to you

Palmer Fishman, known worldwide for her boutique cathartic performances, her designs, and her fashion revolution, is branching out.

"I've always been a keen observer of human behavior and culture," she said breezily one afternoon at the YMCA cafe, "and several editors approached me about writing op-ed columns for their publications."

She eventually agreed to placate them, but with an exclusive feed to her own blog.  You can say you read it here first.

On airline travel
      Airline passengers have a stubborn inability to accept the limited volume of the overhead bin, or of their proportional share thereof. 

¨No, no I´m SURE it will fit,¨ the slight man says, desperately shoving and heaving a bag the size of a baby elephant into a space meant for a daypack.  

And the flight attendants are often so damn polite about it.
      ¨Let´s see, I´m sure we´ll find a place for that...¨  
    as the bag goes bumping down the aisle, nearly taking out a small child and an elderly woman's elbow.

Why don´t they just cut to the chase?

 ¨Look, dummy, it won´t fit. Now, you either let me check it or you both go out on the tarmac."

"Hey, you want to get a drink when we get out of here?"

Check your baby elephants or leave them at home.

This wisdom brought to you by Palmer Fishman.