Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Many people in the world can only see the sky through a curtain of violence. Conversely, even on your darkest days you can search for pieces of light.


Why kill someone yourself when you can have someone else do it for you? Palmer Fishman Industries’ Grade A Soldiers are highly trained, loyal, obedient and disposable. No need to get your own hands dirty.

starting at $2000 per soldier. quantity discounts available.

Trauma Processing

Many traumas are characterized by loss of control, where the survivor is subjected to something they cannot stop or change.

Sometimes ritual acts that one controls from beginning to end, such as dropping a ripe papaya from a rooftop and then cleaning up the wreckage, can promote increased well-being.

Palmer fishman industries can facilitate your papaya-dropping experience

Stigma Exorcisms

stigma exorcisms, performative or participatory

Tired of the burdens of your secrets? Of being stigmatized for your HIV status, profession, addictions, disabilities? Palmer Fishman Industries can perform a public or private stigma exorcism, or design a personalized, participatory ritual based on your stigmatized characteristics of interest.

Performed for you - corporal list of secrets, ritual covering, liberation. from $300.

participatory - same elements on your body. from $500, each additional person $200.

Made in China Luxury Brand

made in china

Be a trendsetter. Don’t hide those ‘Made in China’ tags - make them bigger!

The Palmer Fishman Industries ‘MAO Made in China’ logo is overtaking the glamour and prestige of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Coach, and the rest of the obselete brown initials.

The 21st century requires something bolder!

China is cheap.

China is kitsch.

China is powerful.

China is everywhere you want to be.

Be part of the real Cultural Revolution, the Great Leap Forward in style.

Palmer Fishman industries can print the logo on any of your goods that were made in China, from an Ikea apron (above right) to a Dianne Von Furstenburg silk wrap dress (above left).

starting from $150.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stigma Elimination Cakes

Countless aspects of identity are stigmatized, from ethnicity to sexual orientation to hairstyles (mohawks, mullets). Don’t tolerate stigma a moment longer!

Order a custom Stigma Elimination Cake for your next corporate event, support group, or birthday party. Your guests, supporters and yes, even those who stigmatize you will enjoy helping you eliminate stigma.

Don’t hide! Eat!