Monday, January 17, 2011

Self-interrupted, a video by Palmer Fishman

A short experiment in how the video editing process can add layers of content.

The brain, disorganized by a major depressive episode
Actively distracted by
withdrawal from some tired psychotropic medications and
the lag time to achieve a
'steady state' (at least in the blood) of
some shiny new pills

The video
shot as a retrospective log of one day's effort to get
dressed and out the door
Edited by s t r e t ch ing it out and
then adding back in slivers of
greenery, the search for relief
itself another interruption

To watch in full-screen on, click here:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Excerpts from Nevertheless

My rough cut of two iterations of Nevertheless, a piece about chance and inevitability, the inexorable progress of events unfolding.

How do we choose to understand the things that happen to us? How do we perceive the things we cause to happen?
How much choice do we have in how we understand or perceive?
How fragile, or resilient, are we?
One roll took place at Metafora art center in Barcelona, shot by Desiree Haupts, the other in a courtyard in El Papiolet, a small village in Spain, shot by Manuela Bernasconi.  Both were shot for informal documentation.  There's a more intentional video performance piece yet to come.

To see a larger version directly on click here: Nevertheless, a Palmer Fishman production.