Sunday, May 23, 2010

Toilets of Catalunya

toilet from Barcelona apartment rental wesbsite

ditto above

Two foreigners from the Americas arrive in Barcelona and start to look at online apartment listings.  

They notice a relatively strong emphasis on photos of bathrooms and, more specifically, toilets.  If there were only two photos of the apartment, one of them would be of the bathroom.

They eventually moved into a very nice new house. 

 The first night they noticed that the toilets 
                 wobbled.  They were not securely attached to the floor.  

When they mentioned the wobble to the landlord, he explained that they were loose for the same reason he had not installed light fixtures: 
the eventual buyers of the house would of course want to put in their own choice of toilets. 

 The two foreigners noticed the landlord had extra-round, high-design toilets in his house. 

Their new Catalan friends explained that por supuesto bathrooms were extremely important as a site for contemplation and relaxation.  People would reject or desire a house based on its bathrooms.

gotta love the bidets

I downloaded many bathroom photos from various real estate websites and printed twenty-four, one for each hour of the day. 

 I framed and exhibited them as part of the Des de Fora exhibition.

yes, this is an advertisement for this bathroom

orange tile is known to increase the effects of caffeine ten-fold

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