Monday, January 17, 2011

Self-interrupted, a video by Palmer Fishman

A short experiment in how the video editing process can add layers of content.

The brain, disorganized by a major depressive episode
Actively distracted by
withdrawal from some tired psychotropic medications and
the lag time to achieve a
'steady state' (at least in the blood) of
some shiny new pills

The video
shot as a retrospective log of one day's effort to get
dressed and out the door
Edited by s t r e t ch ing it out and
then adding back in slivers of
greenery, the search for relief
itself another interruption

To watch in full-screen on, click here:


Hillary63 said...

Brilliant Jessica. Fractured, images as thoughts/distractions darting in and out. How we disable ourselves. This is very good. I especially love the ever longer views of the crack. I felt peace and quiet every time there was greenery, interesting that it was spiny cactus-y, an aloe plant? That in itself a metaphor for the challenges and rewards of trying to heal ourselves. Having to go thru the pain, not around. Your material and performance art are a powerful combination. This could be an integral part of an installation. Keep making!

Jessica Hirst / Palmer Fishman said...

Thank you so much Kel - your insights and words are much appreciated. I will keep working with it (the video) and see what comes up!